Graph of reception of citizens

The Director General and Deputy Director General carry out a personal admission according to the schedule of receiving citizens.

reception of citizens by Director General and Deputy General Director of JSC Rechitsdrev

FULL NAME. Position, operating phone number Days and reception hours
1. Valery Tuleyko Director General 6-22-70 Tuesday 15.00-16.00
2. Gatalski Eugene Chief Engineer 2-96-28 Friday 15.00-16.00
3. Suhocki Semyon Deputy General Director for Commercial Affairs 7-18-76 Monday 15.30-16.30
4. Semchenko Victor Deputy General Director for General Affairs 2-95-81 Wednesday 15.00-16.00
5. Chizhova Irina Chief Accountant 2-95-07 Thursday 16.00-17.00
6. Melnikova Galina Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance 2-96-18 Monday 14.00-15.00
7. Bolachkov Sergei Deputy General Director for Quality 2-96-47 Wednesday 15.00-16.00
8. Butkovski Dmitry Deputy General Director for Production 2-96-48 Tuesday 14.00-15.00
9. Volchek Sergey Deputy Director General for forest resources 3-15-49 2nd Wednesday Month с 13.00-17.00
10. Trepalov Alexander Deputy General Director for Supply and Logistics 3-55-64 Thursday 16:00-17:00
Reception of citizens by the Director General of OJSC Rechitsdrev is made by appointment, no later than 2 days before the admission, secretary of the reception manager, tel.: 6-22-70 The book of comments and suggestions is located in the plant management building 2 floor, in the adoptive Director-General at the responsible for conducting the book of comments and proposals of the secretary of the adopted head of the head of Julia Olegovna.